Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A quick run through the traits of the best ICO marketing agency

Launching an ICO is no easy joke. It is a strenuous task that requires immense planning and ninja marketing skills. If you are looking for the best ICO marketing agency, then this blog intends to throw light on everything that you should know. 

Qualities of the best ICO marketing agency
The best ICO marketing agency always does good research about your brand, your product, its strength and its weaknesses. 

Also, gives you insights into the weak points that require improvements. Besides these, they closely track your competitors and watch their trends. 

They make the best use of their research skills and leave no stones unturned to get you to the majority of the audience. 

However, here comes the catch. Reaching a huge crowd isn’t sufficient. Instead, even if the target is small, it should be precise. To set the exact target, any agency needs top-not research skills and inherent marketing instincts.

If you find all of these in the company that you’ve chosen then it is indeed the best ICO marketing agency. 

Best ICO marketing services
1. Competitor analysis
The very first thing is to know your opponent’s strengths and your weaknesses. This will help you hit the right points to gain stability. 

2. Current demand 
What’s the most important now would be trivial just a year later. We need to keep a check on the trends and demands from time to time.

3. Press releases
Press release plays a crucial role in delivering news to the top-tier clients who would be the potential investors in the later stage.

4. Brand establishment - Social Media
Early days’ word of mouth is today’s social media. When pitched correctly, works best for brand establishment. 

5. ICO listing
Listing your ICO on the best exchange platform plays half the role of marketing your ICO brand. Even then, you are required to do proper marketing to keep your brand on top. 

The verdict
It is in fact difficult to figure out which ICO marketing agency is the best with no clue. I hope this blog has given you ideas on how to guess the best one with the traits. If you are still clueless, Blockchain Firm tops the list. 

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